Your source of capital in today's financial desert

We are specialist in trade and Infrastructure development finance projects in the frontier and established markets

Participating and Sourcing

Trade, project and infrastructure finance, world class technology and expertise to enable economic growth.

Unique Trading Model

We have developed a unique trading model which enables us to bring major infrastructure projects to the European and UK money market for financing.

Top Consultants

Our consultants and technical experts call on many years of successful business development and trading experience.

The Oasis

Our Mission is to secure accessible investment funds for infrastructure projects up to 50 billion as debt at favourable single digit interest rate and as equity for direct investment.

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The Capital

The crippling interest rate payment for the emerging markets makes capital project funding most unfavourable and mostly prohibitive.  We believe, it's time for something very different.

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At the Oasis Group we strive for excellence.

We welcome challenges and aim to deliver financial solutions to create a long term partnership hence improving our referral portfolio.

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